A new spelling of an old name is one way to get a compromise. The baby names predicted to be popular in 2020 have been unveiled – and some of … Jan 31, 2019 - Explore Savanna Gregory's board "Female Names" on Pinterest. A few surprises appear further down the list with Archie and Harry in the top 25. Jun 13, 2019 - Explore Eden Olsha's board "unique girl names" on Pinterest. PC Description. 6. Browse the top 100 girls baby names listing. 3. If you don’t want your child’s name to be shortened, then you need to be directive with your friends and family. Mila. When choosing a name you might want consider how it can be twisted in the playground, but don’t even try to get in the head of an 8 year old – you’ll never win. If you really dislike the name, but would like to carry on some form of family tradition, have a look through the family tree (after naming my daughter Courtney, I discovered both sides of the family had a Courtney several generations back). But the super-trendy Mila from last year has dropped out of the top 10. See System Requirements. 9. Included with each name is the name's origin and meaning to help you make that important decision. Popular choices include Martha, Daphne, Lily, Keziah, Ruth and Tabitha are all excellent choices. I had never heard of Thessaly, but it's actually nice, and it's unique. Zoe 18. Charlotte. See more ideas about names with meaning, baby girl names, baby names. You child will get used to saying that’s with 2 r’s and an i. Births - Most popular baby names 1954–2019. George, William, Hunter, Leo and Lucas have been stables for 4-5 years now. Check out the names below for a list of International favourites as well as a list of the top baby names in New Zealand. If, however, the name or the tradition makes you gasp, there are ways you can keep everyone happy. Lily 16. Isabella 7. Finding that one of your short-listed names means ‘weak willed’ or ‘unfortunate lesson’, may help you with your final decision! The list above refers to the top 1,000 baby girl names from 2019, as determined by birth certificate data. Get the latest list of the Top 40 Boy's and Top 40 Girl's baby names right here! Lily. If you want to jump straight to the meaning of names, go here for A to Z boy names and their meanings and go here for A to Z girl names and their meanings. 20. The worst girls' names according to parents.com: Any Blaykelee Chardonnay Cyncere Khaleesi Mattel Pansy Shy Starlett Vegas Beyond the hundreds of names already on offer, there are a bunch of names that are currently trending higher. From the dataset Most Popular Male and Female First Names 2019, this data was extracted: This data forms the table Births - Most popular baby names 1954–2019. Lucy. Get. And, most importantly, once you choose a name, it has to last a lifetime… literally! Harper. Are you searching for ideas for baby names? Trust me. Zoe. Mia and Nikau are the most loved Māori names, both overseas and here in New Zealand. Thessaly. Jazmin will be called Jasmine, Jhorgia will be called Georgia, and Leigham will still be called Liam. Apr 2, 2020 - Explore BLOOMERS AND BOWS | BABY GIRL 's board "Gorgeous girl names", followed by 1320 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about gorgeous girl names, girl names, baby girl names. But the super-trendy Mila from last year has dropped out of the top 10. THE TOP TEN. Ruby. Sophie 3. Ahorangi – means "enlightened" 4 / 0. Most parents start thinking about names from the moment they know they’re pregnant and some even have names picked out before they conceive. Free. If you like the name and both you and your partner are happy to use it, by all means do so. The top girls' name, Luna, was a "sleek yet ancient mythological name", taken from the Roman goddess of the moon. Arataki – "to lead" 6 / 0. 10. 7. Whether it’s a celebrity’s baby or the celebrity themselves, don’t worry too much about the namesake. Some families have a name or names that have been carried down for generations. Courtney has been shortened to Courts, and Eden to Eeds. If other children (and adults for that matter) struggle to pronounce your child’s name, then nicknames and teasing can result. Just like everything else, there are definite trends in naming your baby. Isla. Well, we were all picking Neve to begin trending this year. Georgia. In fact, Niamh (the traditional spelling of Neve) last made the top 100 back in the year 2000. Mia 15. The names in this list are collected from registrations of births in New Zealand in 2018 and, for the first time, the list includes children born overseas. 19. 11 / 0. 14. Olivia. 23. These are the most popular girls' names in New Zealand for 2015. Olivia. Now that you know the most popular trending celebrity baby names, you might also want to check out the top biblical baby names. Even with a perfectly plain name, there’s bound to be something else your child will be teased about (but don’t panic about it just yet!). Giving a traditional name a unique spelling is a nice way to carve out your child’s identity, but be prepared for people to misspell their name their entire life (even if they are copying it from the correctly spelled version!). Emily. Last year, 60,935 babies were registered using SmartStart - a free app that makes it easy for parents to register a baby and obtain an IRD number. Go figure? Willow has also become an increasingly popular name for baby girls. Further down the list Willow, Ruby, Hazel and Ivy all make the top 25. The 2020 information is not yet available. And the increasingly popular Isla makes the number 2 spot. Stay away from obvious teasing taunts like initials that spell rude words, or names that rhyme with less than pleasant words, but other than that you’re better spending your energy on building self confidence and a resilient nature. Return to Births, Deaths and Marriages home page Most Popular Male and Female First Names Top baby names for 2018 (Smartstart website) Top 100 boys' and girls' names from 1954 to 2017 (.xlsx, 226KB) Top 20 Māori baby names This continues the trend for nature-related names, which gets stronger every year. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Charlotte. -nz names are uncommon as baby girl names. Some parents even create names or combine traditional names together to create something truly unique. Figure.NZ reorganised the data structure to allow for better data visualisation. Emma 14. CharliesNames - your babynames App - presents: The TOP Baby Girl names of New Zealand 2016. Some parents look for names which are purposefully unique and distinctive, while others prefer more classic or traditional titles. Top 10 boys names from the 1960's, 70's and 80's and what's still popular today; What do you mean? Get. 21. See more ideas about Names with meaning, Names, Baby girl names. A list of the top ten most popular baby names in New Zealand for the past year. Now that you know the most popular names in New Zealand, you should check out the following lists for more idea. Ella 8. And the increasingly popular Isla makes the number 2 spot. Grace. Amelia was among the top 10 most popular names since 2011, but Charlotte topped the lists in 2013, 2014, 2017, and 2018. Margaret for example could be carried on as Margo or Mariah, and James could become Jamain or Jamie. Most popular baby girl names in 1987: Sarah; Jessica; Emma; Amanda; Nicole; Most popular baby boy names in 1985: Daniel; Michael; James; Matthew; Christopher; A century of baby names. We also include some great advice on things to consider when choosing baby names. Celebrity baby names are always trendy, and our fav celebs always seem to come up with new and fascinating names for their kids. We’ve got you covered. The trendy names come and go with the whims of what’s currently cool. Get some new ideas, see if your current thinking is in the top 100 and see what other families are calling their children. Maori baby names have beautiful sounds and evocative and interesting meanings, which is why there are incredibly popular, not just with the Aboriginals, but also urban settlers. According to parents.com, these are the worst baby names of 2019. Harper. Charlotte and Oliver remain New Zealand’s most popular baby names, taking the top spots once again in 2018. Overview System Requirements Related. File as imported: Most Popular Male and Female First Names 2019. please rate /10 (10 = AMAZING) Isobel. Once you’ve short-listed some favourites, you can check out the meanings just for curiosity’s sake. Way back in 1915, the most popular names for baby boys were John, William and James – two of which are still popular today. Maybe next year! Amelia. Whatever baby name you choose, as long as you and your partner are happy with it that’s all that matters. Old-fashioned names are sometimes modernised so that parents can respect tradition, without landing their child with a name they’ll be embarrassed by. Isla. Mar 17, 2019 - Explore Nidhi Chakravorty's board "Names with meaning", followed by 385 people on Pinterest. Lucy. Emily. Gwenyth. At the very least, there’s usually a short list of favourites to choose from once baby is born. Marit. Hahana – "radiant light" 9 / 0. Click on the names to know their meaning, numerology and much more. See more ideas about names, baby girl names, girl names. If you’ve exhausted every name book and website, start reading the dictionary… or you may need to resort to “Eeeny, meeny, miney, mo……”! 18. All sorts of reasons lead to parents choosing a particular name, and often the hardest part is finding a name that both parents agree on. -nz names are not listed within the top 1000. Chloe 12. Sophie. Charlotte 5. 4. Girl Names. We’ve collated the 100 most popular names and where those names come from, the meanings behind each name, and also popular variations of each name you might like to consider: A to Z of boy names, their origins and name meanings, A to Z of girl names, their origins and name meanings. This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team. New Zealand Boys Names: Most Popular Names for Boys in New Zealand from Namipedia, the Baby Name Wizard’s naming encyclopedia. Haylee. Isabella jumps back into the top 10 names this year. Sophia. The meaning or origin of a name can make it extra special, but it doesn’t have to be your first consideration. NZ Herald This was one of Herald Lifestyle's most read stories in 2019. Hauku – "dew" 10 / 0. New Zealand based name fan. Suki. Mia. 15. Some names are banned in New Zealand. Popular Maori origin baby names | My FirstName Baby Names Search Engine searches over Boys, Girls Names for your child. Here are New Zealand’s top 25 girl names and top 25 boy names of 2012: Baby Girl Names Baby Boy Names; 1. Nov 26, 2020 - Explore Sammy's board "Name list" on Pinterest. Grace. For meanings of each of these popular biblical baby names, be sure to check out our baby names and their meanings pages. I chose my daughter’s names with the ‘no nickname’ theory, but already at ages 8 and 10 their nicknames are well and truly ingrained. Neve Te Aroha Gayford is of course Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford’s daughter. Anahera – "angel" 5 / 0. Aria. 5. Grace 17. Ella. Forgotten girl names nz. Vintage names for girls that are not too weird or too common. - Created by Gabriellenz Ella. Names for baby girls Atarangi – "morning sky" 2 / 0. Lily. 7deoh 7rs %de\ *luov 1dphv lq 1hz =hdodqg 'hfhpehu