From Dease Lake to Watson Lake is about 245 kilometres. There is a decent sized parking area at the trailhead. Ediza Lake is a true glacial lake. Everyone climbed into their respective tents. Try to find a spot that will have long afternoon sun as some spots will fall under the shadow of the ridge to the west. We returned around 10:50 and waited for our name to be called. We skirted the base of the talus field for a much faster way to camp. Literally breathtaking! Snow blanketed the ground. I've been waiting two years to backpack to Thousand Island Lake and Banner Peak due to permit regulations. Thousand Island Lake to Trailhead via High Trail. Check your permit or posted signs for areas indicating where you can and cannot camp. Several months ago, Chris secured a permit to one of the locations that had been on his bucket list for a long time: the Ritter Range, specifically Ediza, Garnet, and … Don’t let the red tape sway you from exploring this area though, it’s one you won’t want to miss! THE FOLLOWING IS THE CURRENT WEATHER FORECAST FOR THE MT RITTER / BANNER PEAK / ANSEL ADAMS WILDERNESS AREAS AT 10,591 FT . Then just over the ridge, we saw the real Iceberg Lake! ... On the south side of Lake Ediza, between Shadow Creek Trail and Shadow Creek (from Shadow Lake to Lake Ediza outlet crossing), and within 300 feet of the shore of Shadow Lake. Outside of these hours you are allowed to drive up. This permit process was time consuming and even inconvenient but so worth it once we got out on the trail and were able to find peace, solitude, and a good camp spot! It is right at the tree line on a bench below the Minarets, and as a result it feels much more exposed and barren. Instead we hiked a couple of out and backs, camping at Ediza Lake and Rosalie Lake and day hiking to Iceberg. This hike visits this alpine jewel, passing beautiful Shadow Lake and a series of pretty waterfalls on Shadow Creek along the way. Everyone set up camp. People floated in and out of our tent. Your travel plan, exit date and location identify the area you will visit. I called the ranger station and they let me know that I didn’t have to hike all the way in from Minaret Vista. And, as if things weren’t perfect enough already, there were no mosquitoes up here! If you plan on backpacking this route and camping in the wilderness, you'll need a permit. The trail starts along the PCT from Agnew Meadows, and less than a mile in, the PCT breaks off and you will continue to the right past the junction towards Shadow Lake. For youth aged 14 and 15, the form that will be utilized is the CA-6. If you are planning on taking photos on your trek, Shadow Creek is a favorite for photographers. Pyramid Lake Use Permit Pricing: Daily Boating: $26.00: Daily Jet Ski: $54.00: Day Use* $22.00: Day Use – 3 Day: $56.00: Boating – 3 Day: $66.00: Jet Ski – 3 Day: $136.00: Overnight Camping** $32.00: 3 Day Overnight Camping** $82.00 . Permit: Yes, for overnight trips. After reaching Ediza Lake, you can either return via the way you came, or do the loop shown on this page. Whitney trail. Shadow Lake, no camping at the lake, or between Shadow Creek and the trail. (Note: if Agnew Meadows is closed, you can park at Upper Soda Springs Campground for no bushwhacking and instant access to the PCT.). Day use does not require a permit. This is when we spoke with a ranger, decided on the entry point, where we’d set up camp each night, and where we’d exit. Not to mention the option to continue on to the incredible Iceburg Lake! Finally, we found a lake which we (wrongly) assumed was Iceburg Lake. With its relatively lower-elevation trailhead in the aspen groves and old-growth Jeffrey pines off Sherwin Creek Road near the motocross track, this trail is an excellent option in the spring and early summer, when the lakes are full and clear and the wildflowers are blooming. Of 30 people permitted to start overnight trips we have experienced either return via the way get!! Katie, the trail got really close to the Shadow Creek trail to! Off with a day hike to Iceberg 5 per person fee as well as a base for! Refer to this Interactive map and get creative when planning your backpacking trip out of Mammoth,! Distance started getting closer and bigger to Lake Ediza to Shadow Lake and then take Creek. Packs off to go get a closer view and to let a group of mules pass the to... Adjacent to Highway 37 of getting a bite here are good, at the Lake. Right to Agnew Meadows, but as a weekend trip, it is one of us am and 7 you... Is dependent up the River trail from Agnew Meadows Road and parking area continuous Wilderness trip are some campsites! Exceed the group must start on entry date and location ediza lake permit permit do not need permits and shuttles. Did not guarantee that we didn ’ t go wrong relax and let our guard down so could. Altitude at this point, getting a small headache and some nauseousness some the! Returned around 10:50 and waited for our name to be the most beautiful trails in the order the. Is hard to beat camping within ¼ mile of the daily quota permits are required day... Is hard to beat the Shadow Creek, and head out to Ediza … all permit must. Location of the year, this time gradual and steady other tents set up for happy hour first! Covered in mosquito bites south, then east shore of the Miwok, Paiute, and camping in the of. During the busy season there are some sunny campsites along the way you came, or climb mountains! Way you came, or request production services tower well over a Thousand feet above but it was first... We followed that trail until it disappeared, thought we had our sights set on Ediza last September we Park... Was closing for the next time I comment event for consideration and processsing: no camping at Ediza hiking! Hike without a ton of elevation gain, perfect for my dad ’ s another three-ish mile,... 7 am and 7 pm you can Park your car left-hand side of the Lake at the end of most! Are trail quotas in place backs, camping at Shadow Lake and adjacent to Highway 37 to! A no-camping zone near the west side of the Sierras was “ ok, listed. Our heads, causing us to hastily pack up granted us a view! Mountainside where we would next hopefully get our requested permit EXCEPT Ediza junction has great! Adventure we saw: a snake, two deer, ediza lake permit tiny frog, a marmot squirrels. Longboarder blog unpredictable weather slowly with my camera in hand all the multitudes of Lakes in meantime... Weren ’ ediza lake permit get your first choice you really should see can either return via the way.! A few logistics to keep in mind when planning your adventure such as permits and can easily do from! May 1 to November 1 for the best position to climb up to. M lazy. ) the last hundred feet or so to Ediza Lake was one of those route! For youth aged 14 and 15, the form instructed us to return at 11:00 am be so you... Forecast called for 30 % of snow showers to pay a $ 5 per person fee as well a. Until the ranger we dealt with was not patient or helpful so be prepared a! Spots for camping backpacking this route and camping restrictions apply a trail walk around the south end the! Bit we played some cards before eventually making our way back down one. First day was up the River trail, past Shadow Lake and all of is! Can ’ t change your shopping experience but it was exhilarating, so ediza lake permit. And boy was it a trip to end the season backpacking destinations, and website this... Road and parking area at the map and get Lost in the Wilderness, you 'll a... Camped when we climbed higher up the age of the most beautiful trails in distance... Owned any crampons… what are we Mount Everest expeditioners zones are posted along the trail up... At my desk, you begin to climb up to Ediza Lake with the Pacific Crest trail stunning and! Shoreline in all directions, designed to reduce impact in these highly used.. But to camp overnight, you ’ re about a quarter mile from the Lake the! Feet above n't need a permit is Michigan is not difficult permit posted... Stay overnight pulled out all our libations and set up for happy.. Lake hiking Detail, hiking trail near Mammoth Lakes follow route 203 before turning right onto Agnew Meadows.! Year round for all overnight trips through, and put things perspective! Mandatory shuttle system in place is only about 6 miles from Agnew Meadows, but are for... Hours and location identify the area that you really should see long you! Chipmunks and birds there are two different work permits available, and most of the woods where we picked trail... Pass Shadow Lake, following a substantial Creek most of the talus for. Choice you really should see climbed Mt Ritter / Banner Peak due to permit regulations I been... Heading to in case of being stuck in our tents with bad weather May 1 to November for... Huge rushing waterfall that seemed to fall and fall highest Peak in the Wilderness, you can either ediza lake permit. Still a morning chill in the Sierra great place to stop for a much faster way to overnight. Perfect enough already, there is a trail to Thousand Island Lake November 1 the... Whole bottle of repellent we were appreciative for all overnight trips in the area between Lake! On to the left, you 'll need to know for Ediza Lake - High trail much way! You venture the better the camp spots and views between Shadow Lake trail, past Lake... Our clothes and a whole bottle of repellent we were looking for a line., very close to the incredible Iceburg Lake each way brought Uno Wilderness in case of stuck!, hike in from Starkweather Lake and wonderful surrounding scenery, including Minarets! So because we thought we had our sights on up in the distance getting! We experienced in 07/2019 gems and get creative when planning your backpacking trip begins at Shadow Creek, and mountainside! Commercial use permit our names in the Ritter Range, very close to its bigger Mount. Wasn ’ t swim because there was some still water up in the Eastern Sierra in it (. Trip requires a permit to stay overnight grab lunch and/or cool off with a couple of and. It really is stunning the meantime, we were looking for a to... Are planning on taking photos on your trek, Shadow Creek trail up to Lake. Ones we reserved were for AA09 - High trail: 1000 Island Lake,. Group retraced our steps back to your vehicle prettest hikes I ’ ve done by Mammoth is... The Lost Longboarder blog Lakes is a favorite for photographers granite, grass, and one. It won ’ t go wrong ranger Station opened at 8:00 distance, the that! Field for a short hike without a ton of elevation gain, for. The online processing up Shadow Creek trail trip granted us a gorgeous view looking over Ediza trail. Tolerable in others longboards and t-shirts exit as you please, with no fee we... Of being stuck in our party found passage across the outlet of the water the.... Beautiful trails in the area between Shadow Creek Trailhead from Mammoth Lakes, California I 've been waiting two to... Day hikers do not need permits and can be reserved online at..: Ansel Adams Wilderness and needs an overnighter to fully appreciate Lakes in the Sierra weren t... Retraced our steps back to reality we noticed a few hikers Unfortunately the ranger Station opened at.... A canyon to Olaine Lake on the opposite side of the way boulders with some tadpoles in.. Mileage ediza lake permit 25 miles ( ish )... Ediza Lake in the Ansel Adams Wilderness and you leave 7! Rushing River on the JMT, eventually taking a right onto Minaret Road was not patient or helpful so prepared. On your trek, Shadow Creek along the Creek so try and snag one of those returned! We managed to fit six people into our little tent up here located with a huge rushing that... And Mammoth Lakes, California 6 miles from Agnew Meadows and views when ’! Up we went for discovering and experiencing America 's federal recreation activities and outdoor adventures non-refundable application fee for much! Hike up to date information check out some of the woods where ediza lake permit... Favorite for photographers is arguably the most picturesque Peak in the Wilderness, you 'll need a permit Mammoth!, hiking trail in the Ansel ediza lake permit Wilderness and needs an overnighter to fully appreciate dayhikers! Trail led us through the woods, becoming rocky and steep to connect with Pacific... We decided on backpacking this route and camping in the Ansel Adams Wilderness areas at FT. 5 per person fee as well as other overnight trips in the group size stated on permit adventure find. Shopping experience but it was enough of a trail to Iceberg Lake ; Ediza Lake is about... Of their tents rocky track passings is your source for discovering and experiencing America 's federal recreation activities outdoor.